I'm cycling from NY to LA, as the page name suggests.

Most visitors here will have followed the first part of this trip, which was meant to be a ride fom the UK to China. That was cut short at the Turkey-Iran border because of delays with the visa. I was bleeding money in a hotel for two weeks with no word on the paperwork, so I wrote that off and flew to NY. The final destination is still South Korea, except now I'll be flying there from LA. Or somewhere closer if the money dries up sooner. I have until the first week of January on my visa and I'd rather not have to mess around renewing it.

 The old blog has been abandoned after Blogspot glitched and deleted hours of typing and uploading. So I'm now boycotting that site as well as Wordpress. Let's see how this one does.

Oh, and the Iran visa finally came through after about a week in the US.

Who am I? I'm not telling you. That way I can speak freely and not get fired for it in the future. I'm 28 and I'm from Manchester. There will be photos of me. You probably know my real name anyway. You're probably my mother. Hello, Mother.